Couples Counseling in Boston

Are you stuck in gridlock over a perpetual issue? 

Are you feeling frustrated and not able to understand each other well?

Has there been a betrayal or crisis recently that you need help navigating?

The health of your relationship is crucial to your overall wellbeing. Conflict in our relationship impacts our work performance, our friendships, and our pursuit of life goals. The best investment you can make is getting your relationship back on track.

I utilize the Gottman Method of Couples Therapy to empower you to:

  • Develop concrete, practical skills to constructively manage conflict
  • Eliminate behaviors predictive of separation/divorce
  • Move from gridlock to dialogue with perpetual issues
  • Create intimacy and understanding
  • Learn how to process fights and move forward as a team
  • Create shared meaning and a vision for your relationship
  • Enhance friendship and rebuild a strong foundation for the future

For more information about the Gottman Method, visit:

Limited availability for new couples counseling clients. Accepting Blue Cross Blue Shield members and private pay for services ($250/session).