"I've Seen The Four Corners of the World"

I wanted to share this video because it vividly reflects the substance of being a Marine Embassy Guard - a Marine and representative of the United States of America. After four years working on a memoir about my experience as a Marine Embassy Guard, this idea of representation has been reinforced. It's a pivotal narrative capturing some of the best of our image, our role as a military. The job isn't about a single task or day on the front line; it is encountering people of different cultures and lands with a lived respect, curiosity, and restraint of power.

Marine Embassy Guards have the privilege and luxury of being in a position with leadership that drives this message home. Defending diplomatic missions abroad, working closely with foreign service officers, the environment is more conducive to this ideal. However, it is a tangible example of the sentiment that America's strength is in its values, the model we choose to set for all the world to see. It is how we are perceived as much as how we act. Our strength is not in our use of force but in our restraint. Look no further than our "Ambassadors in Blue", our Marine Embassy Guards, to allow room to redefine the future of our military and the path toward a world with peace.