Division 19: APA Council Representative Candidate Statement


As our division broadens its presence on the APA Council, I want to amplify our voice and be a relentless advocate for our entire division. Our capacity to advance a clear, coherent message about who we are and our crucial role in military organizations will determine the vitality of our division over the next three years. We need a representative with credibility, legislative skill, and a robust vision.

Credibility: After serving as a Marine Embassy Guard and defending a US Consulate against an al-Qaeda assault in 2004, I returned to active duty as a Navy Psychologist. My life has been dedicated to empowering service members and supporting our national security.

Legislative Skills: I led a national network of over 300+ psychology graduate students, contributing to successfully increasing the Graduate Psychology Education (GPE) Grant appropriation by $2 million in FY 2010. I’ve effectively advocated for funding of veterans’ workforce development in Massachusetts and provided dynamic testimony to legislators on a range of mental health-related bills.

Vision: The next decade will bring tremendous challenges to military organizations and our nation. Psychologists are uniquely capable of providing powerful, empirically based solutions to these challenges. It’s time to collectively flex our professional muscle, strengthen our brand, and communicate it confidently to the world.

It’s crucial that we protect the gains we’ve made within the APA and advance a vibrant image of military psychology to our colleagues. Your choice for our second representative will shape that image and our future.