Private Premarital Counseling in Boston


Wedding Venue: $15,000, Photographer: $2,500, Flowers: $1,500
Invest in the future of your relationship today with Premarital Counseling. 

High-quality, premarital counseling is the way that successful, responsible, pro-active couples ensure that their marriage will continue to grow even stronger, happier, and deeper over the years. The greatest investment you can make in your relationship is assuring you have the strongest foundation imaginable before the big day. 


My Strategic, In-Depth Approach Empowers You To:

  • Identify potential relationship obstacles unique to you and your partner and address any issues that may be concerning you
  • Create mutual agreement around finances, parenting, responsibilities, boundaries, and priorities
  • Gain the most accurate and deep understanding of each other’s values, life goals, and what you both need to feel loved and respected
  • Enhance your communication skills and develop sustainable strategies for keep those skills sharp
  • Start your marriage off with confidence and advanced relationship skills

Limited availability for new clients. Currently accepting only private pay for services ($200/session).