Women's Equality

Growing up with five older sisters and a mother who managed the family's small business taught me one thing: women are my equal.

Whether it's sexual harassment, the gender wage gap, or paternity and childcare policies, women face obstacles that men don't. We're a few hundred years behind the curve when it comes to creating a level playing field for our mothers and sisters, wives and daughters. 

I believe it is my responsibility as a man to fight sexism and the systems that perpetuate it. I'm on a mission to enlist other men in this endeavor. My advocacy is currently taking the form of writing my second book: How Not To Suck The Air Out Of The Room: A Man's Guide to Fighting The Patriarchy.



If you've searched for a mental healthcare provider recently, you know how difficult it is to do - even in a major metropolitan city with tons of providers like Boston. 

Getting the highest quality healthcare shouldn't be this hard. Access to healthcare shouldn't be tied to how much money you make. 

I believe everyone, including all veterans, should have the same access to the high quality healthcare that my family did while I served on active duty.