What You Can Expect

What to expect in Gottman-Method Couples Counseling

Four hours that will identify your relationship’s strengths and relative weaknesses, giving you a roadmap to become masters at marriage or a long-term relationship.

Session One: Couple Interview

Session Two & Three: Individual Interviews

Session Four: Feedback & Treatment Planning


Learn more about the
Gottman Method of Couples Therapy.

  • Develop concrete, practical skills to constructively manage conflict

  • Eliminate behaviors predictive of separation/divorce

  • Move from gridlock to dialogue with perpetual issues

  • Create intimacy and understanding

  • Learn how to process fights and move forward as a team

  • Create shared meaning and a vision for your relationship

  • Enhance friendship and rebuild a strong foundation for the future

For more information about the Gottman Method, visit: https://www.gottman.com.